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My thoughts exactly: "I remember us joking about how the data ecosystem was the wild west of well marketed products that were just repackaged incremental improvements"

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Excited to watch @meroxadata. They've got some smart folks working on seemingly simple but actually really hard problems focused on streaming data and developer experience.
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Today, we officially launched Meroxa! Our real-time data Platform as a Service makes it easy for developers of any skill level and teams of any size to leverage real-time data in minutes not months. Check out the TechCrunch exclusive: https://tcrn.…

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listening to 2 hrs of waterfall audio at 3x speed so I become tranquil faster

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The notion that future is a commons, and one that is best cared for in the present is both fantastically thrilling but also nerve wracking.

Stewardship of the future is one of those things that’s non-deferrable.

You carry the yoke, now, today. You build it now, today.

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If any person behaved like an appβ€”rifled through your address book, fitted a tracking device to your car, obsessively logged what books and TV shows you watched, and wanted to disturb you at any moment of the day or nightβ€”you’d throw them out of your house and call the police.

People or companies who set password requirements:

Why don't you count spaces as special characters? I often use a phrase for passwords that I need to memorize and you force me to slap on a . or ? or ! that make it harder for me to remember. πŸ€”

I'm excited to be joining this panel discussion alongside some Dev Rel folks I have quite a lot of respect for, @alispivak and @i_am_daniele

Come listen in!
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Industry panel: From tactics to strategy
@andreascon will host the panel, joined by @alispivak,
@i_am_daniele and @crc.
They will be sharing their experience and views at the Future Developer Summit Episode 1.
Watch live and bring your questions!

To all women--especially those close to me--I appreciate you immensely and will keep fighting for your right to equality in all aspects of life.

.@KitemakerHQ looks like Trello, Slack, and Google Wave (RIP) had a beautiful love child!

We need better tools to manage the software dev process. The current loose or non-existent coupling b/t source control, proj management, and team communication is inefficient & demotivating
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I have been hunted on @ProductHunt today! πŸš€πŸ₯³

Super happy for any support or feedback:

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Also probably why my next company I start will be a little different. I don’t care about taking over the world...I just want to make people happy and build stuff to make their lives easier. Not much of a pitch deck tho. πŸ˜‚

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Say hi to Chris Castle @crc!
He is the Director of Developer Advocacy at Salesforce @heroku and will be joining the Future Developer Summit as a speaker in our industry panel.
DevRel, the next day | From tactics to strategy | Mar.10
Grab your tickets at

β€œ...And so I practice turning people into trees. Which means appreciating them just the way they are.” -Ram Dass

1. Hilarious: connecting @SHO_Dexter to programming
2. Creepy: see ☝️
3. Awesome!: healthy to keep track of and periodically remind yourself of personal achievements!
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🩸 I mean yes, I have a folder named "Dexter" where I collect πŸ“‰ app perf improvements I've helped with.

That's not weird. Everyone does, right?

And sometimes you too open the vent and πŸ‘€ at them for a bit. You know, to remember the good days...

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πŸ“‰ This morning I took a few minutes to swap @speakerdeck from @heroku 2X dynos to Perf-L.

I saw immediate improvements (30-50% less ruby time).

If you have a handful or more of 2X dynos, definitely make the switch.

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Bundle up, 🧀
wear a mask, 😷
and put Bernie anywhere in the world with @heroku.

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Looks like a chance to join my SRE team @heroku has surfaced. This is a rare and sought-after opportunity. Hit me up for a quick chat about the role if you’d like.

Site Reliability Engineer - All Levels - (Senior/Lead/Principal) (Multiple Locations) salesforce.wd1.myworkdayjobs.c

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Catch me and @julian_duque live tomorrow at 11 AM EST/ 8 AM PST for another episode on "Modern App Development on Salesforce"

We will be talking about Node.js packages and Salesforce packages, comparing, contrasting, and learning!

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I wrote about leveraging @yarnpkg 2 to manage multiple projects + dependencies from one code base! Check it out on the @heroku blog:

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The opposite of "it's like riding a bike" is "it's like programming in bash".

A phrase which means that no matter how many times you do something, you will have to re-learn it every single time.

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Super excited about tomorrow's session on "Modern App Development On Salesforce" on @trailhead Live. We will really go behind the scenes of building a microservice with Node.js on @heroku

Catch @julian_duque and I Live(11am EST) using the below URL

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