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Mark thinks he’s playing some sophisticated long game where he’ll come out on top in the history books, but the reality is he’s used his money and influence to addict and misguide people.

3/ @jasonsegel and his beautiful crew reach an artistic genius not seen on television since... ever? I wish I could rewind my memory and experience it again!

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2/ It was what I needed (maybe what you need?) right now in these weird times. I encourage you to check it out. You might think it gets slow or too weird half-way through, but stick with it! The end is worth it.

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1/ Beautiful, unique, sad, kind, real, raw, whimsical, touching, uncomfortable, human, weird, reflective, hopeful. These are words to describe on @AMC_TV. The last few episodes are tear-jerking. But not in an upsetting way.

Why do I keep getting money from random people, @CashSupport? Three in the past two weeks. Third one just now. Is this a scam? Do I send that amount of money back to them? Or is there a way to reject the initial transfer?

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In 2008, I was building apps on heroku. Took a job at NASA to build a heroku clone; had to build OpenStack so we would have somewhere to run it. Then worked on CloudFoundry (an OSS heroku you can run yourself) for 4 years.

2020 - I’m building apps on heroku again.

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New on Code[ish] - @EvanGrim covers Salesforce Authenticator, a 2FA mobile app providing security without sacrificing usability:

I just participated in the recording of a "remote" podcast with guests sitting in London (3pm), New York (10am), San Francisco (7am), and Japan (11pm).

The internet is wild. 🌍🌎🌏

This one time, I watched two episodes of in one sitting and my brain exploded.🀯

Not recommended. But so hard to pull myself away.

I tried to read this with an open mind. But ultimately it just equates "remote work during Covid-19 sucks" with "remote work sucks" and uses thinly-veiled justification like "your manager needs to see you to motivate you and make sure you're working". 😑

Picture a blind and hungry pigeon pecking around for bread pieces.

That is me writing CSS.

(no disrespect intended to all the great pigeons out there)

I'm so tired of the phrase "lean in". Stop being lazy, and use the word you actually mean.

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Hey interweb friends, show me your favorite conference notes! The most creative and beautiful, and tag the artist too :)

I know tode have taken some beautiful notes in the past

Plans for the global are under way. We'll be announcing our new CfP and dates soon!

A special edition of Need to Node! πŸš€

Check out the latest news of and ecosystem ✨

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How to write good documentation:

1. Start with a declarative statement about the thing you're writing about. Except in very few cases, this can be structured as "[thing] is [description of thing]" where description is actually a description.

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Remote Work Sucks Because You Do It Wrong 😀 -

Ask What You Do Wrong using with Remote Work Advocate and Senior Director, Francis Lacoste:

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