Hey @ticketfly@twitter.com I think something's wrong with your website. It says I can't buy a ticket cause I'm in Europe. But I'm in New York City. No VPN. ISP is @StarryInternet@twitter.com

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Last week in San Francisco, I sat with my buddy @crc@twitter.com to record a podcast for @heroku@twitter.com – we discussed a bunch of topics around and application performance in general.

Check it out πŸ‘‰ heroku.com/podcasts/codeish/7-

Come say hi to me and the @heroku@twitter.com team if you’re at @DataCouncilAI@twitter.com today! We’re giving away limited edition Heroku Kafka t-shirts
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Good (early) morning from @heroku@twitter.comoku team at @DataCouncilAI@twitter.comrancisco. If you are in town please stop by to meet our team, learn about and check out our talk with Ali Hamidi this afternoon.

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Oh hai! πŸ‘‹

Save the dates: Nov 7-8, 2019

More details coming soon. We can't wait to see you again in Cascadia! 🌲


Someone made this great little app on @heroku@twitter.com that takes your most listened to Spotify artists and creates a visual line-up poster you can share. salty-beach-42139.herokuapp.co Here's mine

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New on Code[ish] - Andrew Garcia from @Goodshuffle@twitter.com talks to @crc@twitter.com & @codefinger@twitter.com about building on top of @grailsframework@twitter.com, JDK8, and a trustworthy tech stack: hrku.co/codeish1

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i’ve been thinking about it a lot. and i love you

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Hoy en la lΓ­nea 10 de metro me ha pasado lo mΓ‘s bonito que te puede pasar.
Voy a abrir hilo porque sigo emocionada:

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I started my web dev career on Heroku, and apps built there can go anywhere link.medium.com/teQfnK5PlV

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programmers tend to read essays until they getting to the first line they disagree with and then tweet about it, like a compiler

sieve.info/ is super powerful on @FastMail@twitter.com. I created a rule that grabs my @Square@twitter.com signature (fingature?) images and uses @IFTTT@twitter.com to post them to a Tumblr blog finger.coffee automatically. Daily doodles-as-a-service! Stitch together the web!

when hackers surreptitiously use programs to harvest personal information without the users explicit permission and knowledge: spyware

when multi billion dollar corporations do the exact same thing:
:hacker_a: :hacker_d: :hacker_t: :hacker_e: :hacker_c: :hacker_h:

My boss during our 1-1: "I was sitting in the bathroom this morning listening to @kelseyhightower@twitter.com..."
Me: Wait, you were listening to Kelsey Hightower in the bathroom?!?

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On the Heroku Blog: @theprincessxena@twitter.com shows you how to make a progressive web app from your existing website in 7 steps: hrku.co/jPwCfo

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Are you in Seattle for ? If so, stop by the Heroku booth to meet @cfactoid@twitter.com and the team, and pick some sweet socks to take home too!

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