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We all know that open source maintainers are not compensated properly for the work they do.

While we at CascadiaJS don't have the resources to pay folks, we CAN make it easier for them to attend .

Introducing: Discounts for Maintainers!

lol @UPS@twitter.com my package has now gone from China to Alaska then back across the pacific to Korea.

I'm in Seattle.

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New on Code[ish] - @crc@twitter.com talks with @piamancini@twitter.com, @joshsimmons@twitter.com & @codefinger@twitter.com about compensating maintainers of open source code through @opencollect@twitter.com: hrku.co/codeish36

Our slightly skinnier, slightly agro big lebowski @LiveLovePaddle@twitter.com kayak tour guide just informed us tandem kayaks are known as divorce makers 🀣

Me and dad getting ready for @deadmau5@twitter.com cubev3 back stage tour!! so excite. p.s. dad is a 67 year old classically trained pianist recently converted mau5 fan 🐭 he might never be the same after tonight

Thanks for sharing your story and the tips on creating sustainable community at @PostgresOpen@twitter.com, @DigitalBlkHippy@twitter.com @_TechByChoice@twitter.com

☝I'm giving away the Rust in Motion video course to 5 people (free) manning.com/livevideo/rust-in-

πŸ—£Share an innovative use of Heroku. I'll select 5 from the replies.

πŸ¦€e.g. Rust's crates.io runs on Heroku altho not an official Heroku lang (yours doesn't have 2 b Rust)
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New on Code[ish] - Rustaceans @Carols10cents & @JakeGoulding introduce us to the programming language that powers everyth…

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New on Code[ish] - @crc@twitter.com talks to open source maintainers and developers @arschles@twitter.com, @beyang@twitter.com, @lizrice@twitter.com, and @jboursiquot@twitter.com about the state of the community and where the language is going. Part 2 of 2: hrku.co/codeish33

I had a lot of fun creating this podcast episode at @GopherCon@twitter.com. I hope it's interesting and useful to my fellow gophers!
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New on Code[ish] - Golang experts @ngerakines, @Lucc@GopherCon@twitter.comaymcgavren, @carolynvs, @bobbytables and others share what they're building with Go at , Part 1 of 2: hrku.co/codeish32

Kelsey joined us at DevRelCon @devrel_net@twitter.com to share his experience in the Dev Rel world. Themes: confidence building, empathy, boundary setting, disconnecting identity from your work. Super dope. @kelseyhightower@twitter.com

Kicking off DevRelCon SF @devrel_net@twitter.com with @matthewrevell@twitter.com and @mewzherder@twitter.com Thank you to all these companies supporting us!

We have come so far with HTTPS in the past 5 years, much of this thanks to @letsencrypt@twitter.com's tireless work. I'm so happy the company I work at is supporting this.
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New on Code[ish] - Heroku is proud to be a Silver sponsor of @letsencrypt, @letsencrypt@twitter.come Authority with a humble goal: to make HTTPS encryption ubiquitous across the web. Learn about the challenges of providing free certificates…

Hey @AppleSupport@twitter.com can you fix this? It's pretty annoying and unnecessary alarming. And according to this Verizon support article, it's a straight up lie: verizonwireless.com/support/kn

β€œCLI command != user intent” (yet) says @swyx@twitter.com on making CLIs even better human interfaces in his talk titled Adaptive Intent-Based CLI State Machines github.com/sw-yx/cli-cheatshee

With , β€œwe found our React for the CLI.” β€”@evanshauser@twitter.com of @apollographql@twitter.com at

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