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New on Code[ish] - @EvanGrim covers Salesforce Authenticator, a 2FA mobile app providing security without sacrificing usability: hrku.co/codeish69

Picture a blind and hungry pigeon pecking around for bread pieces.

That is me writing CSS.

(no disrespect intended to all the great pigeons out there)

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Plans for the global are under way. We'll be announcing our new CfP and dates soon!

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A special edition of Need to Node! πŸš€

Check out the latest news of and ecosystem ✨

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Remote Work Sucks Because You Do It Wrong 😀 - mailchi.mp/hackernoon/remote-w

Ask What You Do Wrong using with @salesforce@twitter.com @heroku@twitter.com Remote Work Advocate and Senior Director, Francis Lacoste: bit.ly/Heroku_AMA

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Happy Friday, y’all!
Take a minute to find joy in the little things. Like peanut butter.

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The killer app for Salesforce Evergreen unveiled at !

Image manipulation to render @andyinthecloud@twitter.com as a hotdog and a robot. πŸŒ­πŸ€–

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New on Code[ish] - @crc has a two year old nephew who likes pushing buttons, especially lights. When a Christmas tree appeared, he had a brainwave. He could combine his nephews love of buttons and lights. Hear more on the 50th episode of Code[ish]: hrku.co/codeish50

Getting set up for AWS re:Invent and noticed this Wi-Fi network. I wonder what will happen when I join?

So cool to see this announced! You’ll soon be able to use @nodejs and @java directly in the Salesforce Platform.
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Just in from the Developer Keynote: We're introducin@nodejs@twitter.activitypub.actorforce@java@twitter.activitypub.actorgreen, serverless functions and elastic compute for the Platform. πŸ’» Read more in t…

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We all know that open source maintainers are not compensated properly for the work they do.

While we at CascadiaJS don't have the resources to pay folks, we CAN make it easier for them to attend .

Introducing: Discounts for Maintainers!

lol @UPS@twitter.com my package has now gone from China to Alaska then back across the pacific to Korea.

I'm in Seattle.

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New on Code[ish] - @crc@twitter.com talks with @piamancini@twitter.com, @joshsimmons@twitter.com & @codefinger@twitter.com about compensating maintainers of open source code through @opencollect@twitter.com: hrku.co/codeish36

Our slightly skinnier, slightly agro big lebowski @LiveLovePaddle@twitter.com kayak tour guide just informed us tandem kayaks are known as divorce makers 🀣

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