You might have heard that it's snowing in Seattle. Nobody's getting any work done. Here's a snow mermaid to prove it. πŸ§œβ€β™€οΈπŸ’œ

What the heck is this amazon app?! You have destroyed my productivity today because I keep checking where my sleigh gnome delivery is!

β˜οΈβ€œLook at all the things I didn’t do.” and explain benefits of vs writing Dockerfiles: composability, app aware image building, day-2 ops.

β€œDockerfiles aren’t the right level of abstraction for app developers.”

Hey thanks for your talk explaining a lot of complex stuff (@istiomesh) in a really simple way!

β€œA CID is a pointer that spans the internet.” <β€” So much thought-provoking stuff going on in Mikeal’s head for the future of the internet. What do you think is next for the distributed internet?

Just got so excited to dig up my old midi controllers and see what I can do with them in the browser. Thanks! Try out her audio visualizations at

Always great to hear what has to share about what’s going on inside the engine that is Node now and in the future. Thank you James!

Mentorship in the workplace is such a powerful practice β€” for mentee and mentor. Thanks for sharing your pro tips and for sharing your time with the inspiring!

Wow,, the natural entertainer and educator, just blew us away with how and when to write Node.js modules in C/C++. Check out an example here

There’s so much nefarious stuff that can be done with JavaScript! Ransomware and cryptojacking malware β€” such an interesting view most JS devs don’t think about much by

Real life depiction of testing his Alexa voice code

There’s so much you can do with html and aria to make the web more accessible. Look beyond those basic html elements and attributes! Thanks

React Native six-key-input keyboard for Braille?’s interest and depth of knowledge on this topic is impressive.

omg @willslab hacked a codepen-like AST explorer into his slides for . Do you know how Babel or linters *really* work? Will did a great job demystifying their implementation. Learn more at

I’ve always been excited about helping kids learn to code but never really knew how to start or what pitfalls to watch out for.’s talk is the first time I’ve seen practical advice on this!

Bravery is doing live coding AND deploying on stage at . Maybe time to checkout functions-as-a-service again? looks really cool.

Such a thoughtful, levelheaded, and practical talk by on how to run volunteer-driven, civic-minded software organizations like (or really any healthy software organization!)

Julie Busch just taught us how to create a design system with a single click! <troll face> 😬 not really, but amazing to see all the work that goes on behind the scenes to make a simple and usable design system.

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