Kelsey joined us at DevRelCon to share his experience in the Dev Rel world. Themes: confidence building, empathy, boundary setting, disconnecting identity from your work. Super dope.

Kicking off DevRelCon SF with and Thank you to all these companies supporting us!

We have come so far with HTTPS in the past 5 years, much of this thanks to's tireless work. I'm so happy the company I work at is supporting this.
New on Code[ish] - Heroku is proud to be a Silver sponsor of @letsencrypt, @letsencrypt@twitter.come Authority with a humble goal: to make HTTPS encryption ubiquitous across the web. Learn about the challenges of providing free certificates…

Hey can you fix this? It's pretty annoying and unnecessary alarming. And according to this Verizon support article, it's a straight up lie:

β€œCLI command != user intent” (yet) says on making CLIs even better human interfaces in his talk titled Adaptive Intent-Based CLI State Machines

With , β€œwe found our React for the CLI.” β€” of at

Nahid and Philipe kicking off the very first !

Hey team, I was excited to try out Edge Canary on macOS. Then this happened. Does the application really need to contact 25 different domains (many of them advertising related) before I've even used the it?

Hello from - stop by to meet the Heroku team and pick up some swag!

I ordered a shop vac to clean up the chaos of leaves and twigs and dirt constantly accumulating on my patio. I’m shocked at how excited I am about a VACUUM CLEANER.

Just starting up’s workshop, From Project to Productionized on, at So many puns and jokes πŸ˜›and a peek at Pepper the Python 🐍

New on Code[ish] - and discuss the new features and functionality of Heroku . Hear what's changed and what's reliably staying the same.

Hey I think something's wrong with your website. It says I can't buy a ticket cause I'm in Europe. But I'm in New York City. No VPN. ISP is

Come say hi to me and the team if you’re at today! We’re giving away limited edition Heroku Kafka t-shirts
Good (early) morning from @heroku@twitter.comoku team at @DataCouncilAI@twitter.comrancisco. If you are in town please stop by to meet our team, learn about and check out our talk with Ali Hamidi this afternoon.

Oh hai! πŸ‘‹

Save the dates: Nov 7-8, 2019

More details coming soon. We can't wait to see you again in Cascadia! 🌲

Someone made this great little app on that takes your most listened to Spotify artists and creates a visual line-up poster you can share. Here's mine is super powerful on I created a rule that grabs my signature (fingature?) images and uses to post them to a Tumblr blog automatically. Daily doodles-as-a-service! Stitch together the web!

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