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"The really important kind of freedom involves attention and awareness and discipline and being able truly to care about other people and to sacrifice for them over and over in myriad petty, unsexy ways every day."

We all know that open source maintainers are not compensated properly for the work they do.

While we at CascadiaJS don't have the resources to pay folks, we CAN make it easier for them to attend .

Introducing: Discounts for Maintainers!

Random TechRepublic article just made me cackle out loud, which is unusual on a tired Friday night:

"I also have a standing rule, I do not make fun of individual people. Except for Larry Ellison, who is not people. He effectively runs on a gallon of infant blood, or something."

h/t to He found that Google Meet Hangouts now work in Safari!!! No more copy/paste dance from Safari to Chrome to join meetings! Thanks (oh, no screen share yet)

If you care about helping folks from non-traditional background get into tech, please donate to one or more of these amazing orgs & RT! πŸ€—

lol my package has now gone from China to Alaska then back across the pacific to Korea.

I'm in Seattle.

Answer call: β€œDear customer this is a reminder from <pause> your Microsoft computer support to...”

Who falls for these things?!

New on Code[ish] - talks with, & about compensating maintainers of open source code through

Our slightly skinnier, slightly agro big lebowski kayak tour guide just informed us tandem kayaks are known as divorce makers 🀣

Me and dad getting ready for cubev3 back stage tour!! so excite. p.s. dad is a 67 year old classically trained pianist recently converted mau5 fan 🐭 he might never be the same after tonight

Thanks for sharing your story and the tips on creating sustainable community at,

Looking for testers for the upcoming release of `create-lwc-app` which adds TypeScript support plus other enhancements! Just run `npx create-lwc-app@beta my-app`.

If you find bugs (which you hopefully will), LMK on

☝I'm giving away the Rust in Motion video course to 5 people (free)

πŸ—£Share an innovative use of Heroku. I'll select 5 from the replies.

πŸ¦€e.g. Rust's runs on Heroku altho not an official Heroku lang (yours doesn't have 2 b Rust)
New on Code[ish] - Rustaceans @Carols10cents & @JakeGoulding introduce us to the programming language that powers everyth…

New on Code[ish] - talks to open source maintainers and developers,,, and about the state of the community and where the language is going. Part 2 of 2:

I had a lot of fun creating this podcast episode at I hope it's interesting and useful to my fellow gophers!
New on Code[ish] - Golang experts @ngerakines, @Lucc@GopherCon@twitter.comaymcgavren, @carolynvs, @bobbytables and others share what they're building with Go at , Part 1 of 2:

πŸ‘«Community building comes down to three things:

1. Curation - choose people who want and need to be there
2. Connection - make them feel included and valued
3. Repetition - do it consistently

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