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"The really important kind of freedom involves attention and awareness and discipline and being able truly to care about other people and to sacrifice for them over and over in myriad petty, unsexy ways every day."

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After suffering career burnout for the past 4-5 years, here's how I've come to understand its cause:

Burnout is a response to repeated attempts to make meaningful change while lacking the agency to do so. See problems > try to fix them > get shot down or ignored.

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Do you know that @heroku has a community space at @ThePracticalDev?

Take a look at, here you can find both Herokai and Community-contributed content!

Join the conversation here πŸ‘‡

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Hi @heroku users: this includes you. Your voice will help us build a better platform (and support a good cause).

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What do you expect to see on an Introductory Node.js course?

Pension planning sounds like a snore of a podcast topic, right? But when you mix in technology and some compassion, it gets much more interesting!

πŸ’ŽJonathan @jayfresh and team ascribe to the mantra that "technology is crystalized knowledge".
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New on Code[ish] - @pensionbee saw an opportunity not just to change how industries do business, but also how businesses treat their customers. CTO @jayfresh chats with @crc to talk more…

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New on Code[ish] - @w3c is the organization responsible for implementing , , and standards for the web. Web developer and W3C member @tobie explains to @crc how the web is built on these standards:

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Great conversation with @crc about @w3c, web standards, and two tools I built a while back to help with editing specs: Specref and PR Preview.

Super interesting to read about the methodical process @schneems went through to determine the best rate throttling strategy. Great merging of theory and reality.

The approach he took can be generalized to any algorithm development.
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On the Eng Blog: How We Added Client Rate Throttling to the Platform Gem in by @schneems

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UI skills *and* DevOps skills? That's right! You can add skills to your resume after perusing this blog post about , , and .


Thanks to @codefinger for his help with @buildpacks_io!

Super cool to see all these technologies coming together in a clear and useful wayβ€”@angular, @springboot, @buildpacks_io, @Docker, @heroku, . Thanks for putting this series together @mraible and team!
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Angular + Spring Boot + Docker: learn how to create an image with a Dockerfile, with , and using @buildpacks_io!



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Mark thinks he’s playing some sophisticated long game where he’ll come out on top in the history books, but the reality is he’s used his money and influence to addict and misguide people.

3/ @jasonsegel and his beautiful crew reach an artistic genius not seen on television since... ever? I wish I could rewind my memory and experience it again!

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2/ It was what I needed (maybe what you need?) right now in these weird times. I encourage you to check it out. You might think it gets slow or too weird half-way through, but stick with it! The end is worth it.

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1/ Beautiful, unique, sad, kind, real, raw, whimsical, touching, uncomfortable, human, weird, reflective, hopeful. These are words to describe on @AMC_TV. The last few episodes are tear-jerking. But not in an upsetting way.

Why do I keep getting money from random people, @CashSupport? Three in the past two weeks. Third one just now. Is this a scam? Do I send that amount of money back to them? Or is there a way to reject the initial transfer?

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